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On February 4th 2021, Alien Worlds team and Crypto OLALA group organize an AMA to make the community members know more about Alien Worlds. Here is recap of it:

Segment 1: Introduce and Question Warm-up:

Moderator Mark:
Question 1: Can you introduce yourself and a little bit about the Alien Worlds to our community?

Morty — Alien Worlds:
Thank you for the question
My name is Pramod. I go by the name Morty in many crypto groups on discord and telegram
I am a game designer by profession and a graphic artist.
I’ve been a part of the Alien Worlds team right from it’s inception.

My past experiences have been in designing rules, levels and economies for mobile and pc games. My contributions to the game has been mainly in the area of design, creating NFT art and managing a team of external developers to ensure product delivery on time.
Happy to be here today to share Alien Worlds with Crypto Olala community

About the Alien Worlds:

Alien Worlds is an NFT defi metaverse where NFT collectibles have utility in-game and are fully user-owned and uses both WAX and Ethereum blockchain

• Initial games are mining and staking
• Planets are DAOs, each have their own fungible token
• Universal fungible token of the metaverse is Trilium — an ERC-20 token also on WAX

Moreover, Alien Worlds is the only cross-denominated project running on Ethereum and WAX. Trilium, the metaversal fungible token, is both

Another way to look at Alien Worlds with a little bit of backstory and premise is that it is a futuristic simulation of a virtual world where mankind was forced to leave earth due to factors like pandemics, climate change etc and they then went to set up new worlds outside earth where everything is tokenised in the form of NFTs. From land plots, to tools and weapons to everything else there is. The Alien Worlds metaverse has it’s own metaversial currency called TLM (fungible erc-20 token) which can be mined using tools which is then used to participate in various activities the metaverse has to offer

Alien Worlds features 6 planets DAOs into space where they compete for control of TLM.
Landowners in Alien Worlds compete or come in allegiance with other land owners to make their land most attractive to miners who mine TLM and NFTs.
Miners continuously keep discovering new mining strategies to optimize their mining efforts.

There’s a big DAO element as well which aims to mainstream DAOs in a gamified way

Moderator Mark: Question 2: What is Trilium? Where can users play Alien Worlds, get Trilium and NFT?

Morty — Alien Worlds:
Trilium is the native token of Alien Worlds and is used to stake to Planets and participate in core games. It exists on the Ethereum and WAX blockchains so that users can store Trilium on either chain subject to their preference.

Playing Alien Worlds is very simple, the only prerequisite is a wax cloud wallet, which you can set up on, once done you can launch Alien Worlds on

Currently, the only way to acquire TLM is through mining in Alien Worlds.

As far as the NFTs goes a large portion of the NFTs were sold in our packs sales. NFTs are now dropped on miners via a %change based system. NFTs can also be purchased on secondary markets like,,

Moderator Mark: If I introduce my new friends to Alien Worlds for the first time, is there a guide from the system to join and experience Alien Worlds?

Morty — Alien Worlds:

There are tons of community guides and tools which can be found here

Also our discord server has a tutorial channel where you can find community made video tutorials.
join our discord at

Moderator Mark:
Quesiton 3: Currently, what milestones have Alienworlds achieved during the past time, can you share with us?

Morty — Alien Worlds:


-We have finished a successful sold out pack sale. Our land sale was one the of the most successful one of its kind dutch auction type sale on WAX.
-Alien Worlds launched in beta in the month of December and in just about 5 weeks we became the top game on Wax blockchain and top game across all blockchains in terms of Daily active users.

We just released shining feature where players can combine 4 identical card to make them look better and more power.

Alien Worlds got featured in multiple recognized crypto press

We have successfully achieved over 12k unique users in the past 5 weeks and our current daily active user count is 8.5k users

We are progressing towards finishing items on our land road map. Land owner NFTs will be released soon, then followed by the fighting game called the Thunderdome

To view the full roadmap you can check the Star route on our website

Segment 2: Question Selected from the Twitter:

Moderator Mark:
Question 1: Gamers are usually very happy to play games & expect the rewards from adventure games like AlienWorlds , so how do gamers get rewarded from the game AlienWorlds ? Are there various ways to get rewarded from the AlienWorlds Game?

Morty — Alien Worlds:

Alien Worlds is a very rewarding game. Players are rewarded with TLM every time they mine and have a % chance based on the tools they use to get NFTs. Since there are only 2 game play features that are currently live rewards are limited to the mining game only.

In the near future when there are more games for instance the Thunder Dome game there will be more ways for players to earn rewards.

In addition to the rewards from the game, players in the near future will also be entitled to earn rewards from land owners and from the planet DAOs. More news about these features and the release will be out soon, so make sure you follow our social media and telegram to stay updated

Moderator Mark:

Question 2: What plans does Alien Worlds have to promote cooperation & develop cooperation in the community? If anyone has an idea that works well on Alien Worlds , how can we get support?

Morty — Alien Worlds:

Great question

Our next strategic plan is to build a larger community and encourage community development. As for every project community is a very important part of their growth and the same goes for us. We have started a public trello board for the community to give us suggestions and improvement that will help us build a game that our community would like to play.

We also have a Galactic Hub fund which has 1bn tokens to support galactic hub communities and content creators. If you’d like to collaborate the best place to do so will be to start a discussion in our Galactic Hub Ideation channel on our discord at

Moderator Mark:

Question 3: How do you intend to reach a a wide customers range both investors,crypto natives and enthusiast for global mass ADOPTION what are your marketing strategies even to none speaking english communities?

Morty — Alien Worlds:

The fact we have a Ethereum layer 1 with WAX layer 2 means we can attract many users through of ETH but have the free transactions and easy user onboarding of WAX. This has already driven us up the rankings to be the fourth largest blockchain game per Dapp radar, just a couple of weeks post beta launch with almost no marketing yet (as we were in soft beta). Other blockchain games especially those only on Ethereum with no layer 2, are having to back a layer 2 into their systems because high gas fees mean users are unable to play. So we are probably a year ahead of those Ethereum only games that have no layer 2.

We have a multiple language community on our discord with Hindi, Vietnamese, Filipino, Russian, Spanish, French, Turkish etc as some the supported languages.

We are tirelessly working with larger Ethereum NFTs based communities and some influencers to help promote Alien Worlds. We also plan to target the larger mobile games community to onboard them on to Alien Worlds

Segment 3: Free Q & A

Question 1: There are 20 types of Lands in Alien Worlds, which have a total of 3,343 Lands in 6 Planets. Can you tell us what are the names and classifications of these land types?

Morty — Alien Worlds:

Land is a very special type of asset in Alien Worlds which allows for earning passive income.
Like other cards land also have rarity and are spread across 6 planets. The land rarity types starts from common, rare, epic and legendary.
Let me share a land NFT card here to explain better

This is an epic Land on Naro of type Methane Swampland.
Just like the tools cards Land cards also have similar stats but instead of being absolute stats land cards consist of modifiers for the tools stats.

It is very good to land to mine TLM with a decent change to win some NFTs.

The icon on the top left is for trilium mining multiplier, higher value mean you can mine more TLM, icon on the bottom left is for Proof of work reduction, this card unfortunately doesn’t modify the Pow reduction from the tools cards, and the icon on the bottom right is for NFT luck modifier. Higher number means better chance of getting NFT drop

The text in the center is for charge time multiplier, lower the better

You can find more details about the lands on every planet on this community site

Question 2: You talked about a shining mechanism which will enable users to shine up lower level items in your platform to Gold, Stardust and Antimatter items… can you explain how this shining mechanism works, what kinds of items can I shine using this mechanism in your platform and what will be the advantages of shining my items

Morty — Alien Worlds:

Very good question.
First of all shining is combining 4 identical cards into 1 which upgrades the card to a better looking and more powerful.

You can upgrade cards by shining them from stone>gold>stardust>antimatter

We’ve an indepth guide on shining on our medium

Question 3: Could you tell us a little about the missions that each user must complete to scale and increase levels? what is the end of the game? that a user can acquire all the land and is invincible? is it possible they?

Morty — Alien Worlds:

Currently the game features a very simple mining game where you can build your mining startegies using various different tools. There are no missions as of now this is all planned for future in the road map. I like to think the end game would be that one planet that dominates other planets by getting the most amount of TLM staked to the planet.

AMA is ended.

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