Recap of AMA: Crypto OLALA x Sudan Gold Coin with the attending of Mr. DMYTRO KONOVAL — CEO & Founder Sudan Gold Coin and Mr. ELIJAH IFEANYI — Co-Partner & CMO Sudan Gold Coin

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On March 6, 2020, Sudan Gold Coin team and Crypto OLALA group organize an AMA to make the community members know more about projects as well as its IEO and development progress. Here is recap of it:

Segment 1: Introduce and Question from Olala Team
Mark Pham(@hieupham1797)- host of group, asked 3 general questions about project and Sudan Gold Coin(SGC) answered:
Q1: What is your vision for the future BlockChain industry?

Elijah(@ElijahCMO)-SGC CMO:
A: Blockchain industry has been transforming and has helped so much solve lots of problem in different sectors

But one notable aspect which had been difficult to improve is volatility

With $SGC we introduce a Token backed by Gold and each coin is weighted to equivalent 0.004g of gold we have combined two huge industries in Gold+ blockchain technology which will be used to decentralize and provide transparency in SudanGoldCoin project Going forward.

Blockchain is huge and still so many applications of blockchain has not been exploited.

We aim this industry continue to grow and we are here to support world wide adoption of blockchain.
In blockchain we trust.

Q2: What advantages does SudanGoldCoin have when taking the lead in applying BlockChain technology to the management of gold mining and distribution processes in the world?

Elijah(@ElijahCMO)-SGC CMO:
$SGC by applying blockchain technology to our Gold mining we are leading the way of offering real Gold backed token to the blockchain world solving the volatility problem the crypto space is facing. With the weight of Gold per token which will tend to increase as our mining production increases.
With the use of blockchain it enables use to be transparent to our investors which they can track and monitor distribution which will be recorded on the blockchain.

We are the first to give investors the option of receiving real physical gold bars.
We are proud to say this.

Q3: What motivated you to develop this project ?

Elijah(@ElijahCMO)-SGC CMO
$SGC was developed to solve and help counter crypto volatility offering the best possible means to curb that and giving everyone equal access to have real gold and profit from price appreciation.

Segment 2: Free Q & A between the community and SudanGoldCoin (SGC)
Q1: On moving forward through your roadmap, what are your most important next priorities? Does SGC team have enough fundamental Funds, Community, ect to achieve those milestones?

Elijah(@ElijahCMO)-SGC CMO

A: Our next priority after launching the Gold mining is setting up our Gold factory were we can process/refine all gold mined from mining activities.

We have a great a amazing community who loves and supports our project, for funding to achieve the mining we are currently having our first IEO round on ChainX, so by the end of this we would have enough financing to crush all milestone.

We have done 95% of the ground work in Sudan and we have a fully experienced and dedicated team to project $SGC forward.

Q2: Which technologies used by sudden gold project is SGC has its own gold mining , purifying factory ?

Elijah(@ElijahCMO)-SGC CMO

A: Yes

We are already mining and we are on the process of setting up our own gold processing factory in Sudan.

Q3: lately many market crash.. price got dump, because of Corona Virus triger minor finansial crisis, is this gonna bring impact to your bussiness?
If there is, how will SCG team face this problem?

Elijah(@ElijahCMO)-SGC CMO
Not a problem to our business

The virus outbreak could only affect fiat as you notice if you followed the gold market closely you will see it moon when the virus broke

Gold is used for stability
And $SGC = Gold

Q4: Could you share me this mining operation is legal or not, is it approved by government yet and how to make sure this mining is safe and protected ?

Elijah(@ElijahCMO)-SGC CMO
A: Our mining operations are fully approved and regulated by the Sudan government in a nutshell we have partnered with the government and on our CEO last visit to Sudan he had a meeting with the sudanese prime Minister.

Yes our Gold reserve will be held and stored in dubia.

So yes,
Its safe with us

Q5: What are your marketing plans to increase adoption aside community AMAs?? Do you see the necessity for listing on several exchanges??

Elijah(@ElijahCMO)-SGC CMO
A: We are launching huge marketing campaigns soon, with our community and user base taking a daily increase of 1000 new members daily it is a huge and welcomed news

We are in contact at this very moment with multiple exchanges we will only select the best and to assure the community
$SGC will be listed in multiple exchanges after our IEO is complet

Mr. DMYTRO KONOVAL (@dmitriysudan )— CEO & Founder

A: in Our mining operation our geologic have 25 year exp in this working and he the bigest consulting company in Sudan ( mining and Training sector) so we sure in this )

Q6: What is SudanGoldCoin’s marketing plan?

Mr. DMYTRO KONOVAL (@dmitriysudan ) — CEO & Founder
A: Now our project make big steps in the world! ( Before we working 3 year on real sector to be sure in safety money of our investors)

Q7: Trust is very important in every business so what quality make investors and customers feel safe while working with Sudan gold coin ?

Elijah(@ElijahCMO)-SGC CMO

A: We are transparent and our potential/current investors believes in our highly skilled, Experienced and professional team handling the affairs of $SGC.

Fully regulated by the Sudan government we are proud to say we have acquired all licenses in gold mining company and our crypto company located in Estonia.

Q8: What is so special about SGC? How should I invest in SGC?

Elijah(@ElijahCMO)-SGC CMO
A: Access to real gold mining project with huge benefits and fair distribution of profits for token holders.

You can invest by participating in our IEO on chainX.

Q9: What are the things that we can expect from
SudanGold Coin 2020?

Mr. DMYTRO KONOVAL (@dmitriysudan ) — CEO & Founder
A: In this question. i can give answer for another one question :)
Our goal to build International Minerals Platform (First Eco system in Africa with own Blockhain ( and Fork for all type minerals) (For trading minerals).

We have MOU With Sudan (Our 2 projects is included in Strategy system in Sudan) :)

In few weeks we start to working on Blockhain in Central bank of Sudan and also have connection with our project for Banking system and electronic payment structure.

30% of all gold mining will cover for our token SGC (Our token holders) ( So all 1 quarter token weight is all time growing ( time to time ).

Q10: Why did you decide to build SGC on the Ethereum platform? Do you plan to build a private blockchain?

Mr. DMYTRO KONOVAL (@dmitriysudan ) — CEO & Founder
A: Yes sure its only start :) I answer about blockhain for platforms

Q11: What effect does SGC token have on the Sudan Gold Coin ecosystem? Holding SG, what benefits will users receive? Will Sudan Gold Coin be involved in any major blockchain events this year?

Elijah(@ElijahCMO)-SGC CMO
A: Holders of $SGC will have the opportunity to pertake in our quarterly distribution of profit.

We are planning on attending major blockchain event and setting up roadshows but with the outbreak of Corona virus most events have been rescheduled or canceled but we plan for this to happen sometime this year.

$SGC will be used and is pivotal to the growth of our ecosystem
Uniquely we have put in place the card functionality, option to exchange your $SGC for real gold etc.
Q12: How your staking model works? And how encourage you user to do staking?

Mr. DMYTRO KONOVAL (@dmitriysudan ) — CEO & Founder
A: You Have 2 way for proift ( 1 Holding Token to wait Growing weight of Gold on 1 Token SGC)
(2 Staking ) ( about this we will give information soon :)

Mark Pham(@hieupham1797)- host of group: Ok, thanks a lot for answer to Mr. DMYTRO KONOVAL and Mr. ELIJAH IFEANYI . Now, we will move on to the next segment.

Segment 3: Quiz Game

We have 3 quiz in this mini game.
Quiz will be pushed into the group one by one. After each question is pushed, the first and second fastest right answers will be the winners and will get a small airdrop.

Quiz 1: How much is the Token Distribution for the team?

Answer: 9%

Quiz 2: Who is Founded Coin News Africa?


Quiz 3: Which EXCHANGE is SudanGoldCoin currently selling (IEO) for? (NAME)

Answer: ChainX

After 3 quizzes, AMA is ended.

Thank you Mr. DMYTRO KONOVAL , Mr. ELIJAH IFEANYI and SudanGoldCoin Team for taking the time to attend the AMA with Crypto OLALA.

Some Proof of Project from SGC CEO:



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