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#1: LID Protocol

The Liquidity Dividends Protocol provides the solution for liquidity locked ERC20 tokens. Developed to protect investors against waves of anonymous abuse with the latest scams today is “rug pull”.

Main features:
1. Secure Purchases
2. Social Referrals (Introduction)
3. Community Driven Project (Community oriented project)
4. Licensed LID Protocol (LID Protocol License)

The highlights of LID technologies are:

1. It is possible to lock trusted reservations at Uniswap, to ensure the safety of investors.

2. Set up the Staking system to ensure the system also rewards community members.

At Lidquidity’s website, users will be able to easily access Uniswap using the icon in the top right corner. To simplify the purpose one can understand: LID will provide its projects and clients with new technology to securely deposit liquidity generated through a pre-sale into Uniswap. LID will provide Proof of Locked Liquidity, put reliable liquidity into Uniswap and then burn those Tokens to lock the liquidity completely. LID will provide projects and clients with a Licensed LID Protocol certificate to reduce the risk of frauds and frauds for investors while increasing certainty, increasing deposit funds and encouraging participation of society

Liquidity Key: The part that makes Liquidity Dividends Protocol unique are the automated steps that are in place to ensure non-withdrawable liquidity as we often see in carpet pulls. Once the presale timer has officially ended, the Smart Contract will automatically transfer the liquidity group tokens and start burning them. LID Certified Presales lock Ether and tokens until the end of the sale before that time, they are added to Uniswap and burned the liquidity group token. The project and the community cannot withdraw any tokens from the Presale contract until the liquidation burn is completed. The Etherscan smart contract will also be published on the website.

Liquidity publisher Dividends Protocol has come up with some innovative new technology to automatically send liquidity generated through pre-sale into Uniswap .. Because this is the first launch of this technology, it will be granted. For future future projects with the ultimate goal of all Uniswap lists that require this assurance.

That solution is LID Certified Presales:

LID Certified Presales leverages a pre-sale process with an Initial Liquidity Supply (ILO) model, which will provide a secure Initial Liquidity Assurance (ILO) pre-sale service to potential investors. The project can ensure that your ETH raised during the pre-sale is reliably locked into the Smart Contract, customizing the token distribution rate over a specified period of time. With a flat 5% fee of all ETH raised during the pre-sale, you’ll be able to ensure your future investors peace of mind and the legality of your project.

>>>> LID Certified Presale — a mutually beneficial solution for projects and investors, reducing skepticism and increasing confidence between investors and fundraising projects

LID Team has set 6 milestones to perfect the Liquidity Dividends Protocol ecosystem. In addition, Team announced that there will soon be 3 types of rewards for Stakers — those who send LID staking — as follows:

1. Up to 24 hours early access to LID Certified Sales subject to deposit amount of LID.

2. DAO Mixing pot: 1% Of the 6% fixed fee will be paid with the project’s
native token using LID Certified Presale and Dapp technology.

3. LID Stakers will be able to invest in LID Certified Presales in both ETH and LID.

Currently, Liquidity Dividends Protocol is implementing the Staking program with the aim of in addition to ensuring stability for LID Token, it is also responsible for providing voting and DAO promotion. LID Staking focuses on encouraging producers to take actions that are useful to the community.

Some information about LID Token (Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID)):

Stakes have a 400 LID initial registration fee. If a provider uses a referral code, they get a 50% discount on fees. 100% fee is paid to referrers. Excess fees are added to distribution groups. There is a 2% tax on all transactions related to the unfinished and Uniswap purchases. Exempt from betting and sales, 5% of all dividends are awarded to the LID DAO fund.

  • Smart Contract: 0x0417912b3a7AF768051765040A55BB0925D4DDcF
  • Decimals: 18
  • Max Supply : 144.602.977 LID
  • Curculating Supply : 87.200.903 LID

Token Distribution:

  • 40% Presale
  • 20% DAO fund
  • 16% Uniswap ​
  • 10% Team ​
  • 9% Staking bonus ​
  • 5% Event Fund

📍Information LID (Liquidity Dividends Protocol):

•Social Media :

➡️ Website: https://www.lid.sh/

➡️ Telegram : https://t.me/LIDProtocol

➡️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LID_Protocol


➡️Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/LIDProtocol/

➡️Github : https://github.com/carlsbad-sunshine/lid-contracts

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